Grandeur is a raspberry variety which produces large, conical-shaped berries of a light-red colouration. The flavour is good, and the fruit is firm.

The variety is adapted to the climate of central coastal California, and is known for it’s autumn-bearing primocane production. It is therefore a useful variety for extending the harvest season.

Ripening & Quality: When purchasing Grandeur raspberries, the berries should appear firm with no juice or signs of collapse.

Origin: Bred in California by Plant Sciences Inc., and Berry Reasearch & Development Inc. from a cross made in 2001.

The US patent was granted in November 2009.

Grown in: California, Spain, Morocco, UK, Kenya


In UK, floricane production starts in early June and primocane production ends in November.

Availability in UK:

January: Kenya

February: Kenya

March: Kenya

April: Kenya, Spain

May: Spain

June: Spain

July: UK

August: UK

September: UK

October: Spain, UK

November: Spain

December: Kenya, Spain


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