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Daliclass is a bicoloured apple with an orange-red striped and flecked blush over a pale-yellow background. The shape is slightly elongated with a blocky stylar end. The skin is quite noticeable on biting, and fairly tough to chew. The pale-yellow flesh is quite hard and crunchy. The most distinctive attribute of Daliclass is the strong flavour, very much reminiscent of old English varieties, and the quite sharp acidity which gives a good balance to the eating experience.

Daliclass is a mid-late season variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Consumers who like a distinct acidity and flavour in their apples, as well as a hardness to the flesh, will enjoy Daliclass.

Crunchy, acid tang, flavoursome

Names: Daliclass

Origin: France. Resulting from an Elstar x Pilot cross. Developed by Davodeau Ligonnière. Released in 2010.

Grown in: UK, France, Germany

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2 reviews for Daliclass

  1. Nick Ball

    An attractive new variety with a nice acidic tang to balance the sweetness.

  2. Jayne

    Bought these on the off chance from Tesco (uk grown). Gorgeous flavour, reminiscent of cloudy apple juice. Yes the skins are hard, but I like that in an apple. I would definitely buy again.

    • Nick Ball

      Daliclass is a lovely variety with great flavour.

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