Arra 15 (Arra Sweeties)

Arrafifteen (Arra 15) is a green table grape. Berries are medium to large in size, and have a distinctly cylindrical, elongated shape, mostly fairly even in diameter, with some tapering towards the stem-end. The colour is a uniform pale green. The variety has a reputation for being very crunchy, though the flesh itself can be quite soft, while the skin conveys a crunchy effect. The skin does not contain any noticeable bitterness. At best, the taste is sweet with good brix levels (said to be up to 24brix), and a noticeable background acidity that gives some definition to the slight hint of rhubarb in the flavour.

Arra 15 is a mid to late season variety, harvested at a similar time to Regal and Princess, and 3 weeks after Thompson.

Grapaes describe the variety as a unique and appealing white, seedless variety. It is planted worldwide due to its adaptability to differing climates, exceptional eating quality with a good sugar-acid balance, berry shape and crunchiness, as well as great shipping performance and long shelf life.  ARRA 15 is very fertile with ideal bunch shape, and incomparable rain resistance which make it suitable for many different climates.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Arra 15 is an attractive option for consumers looking for high levels of sweetness with an acid balance and crunchy texture.

Sweet, balanced, very crunchy

Names: Arrafifteen; Arra 15; ARRA Sweeties

Origin: Arra 15 is a product of the grape breeding centre of ARD LLC, a subsidiary of Giumarra Vineyards Corporation, in Bakersfield, California.

Grown in: Algeria, Australia, Brazil, California, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, Peru, South Africa, Spain.

Harvest & Availability: Main supply to UK:

  • January:                   Brazil, South Africa, Namibia
  • February:                 Brazil, Chile, South Africa
  • March:                     Brazil, Chile
  • April:                        Brazil, Chile
  • May:                         Brazil
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:              Italy
  • October:                   Italy, Brazil
  • November:              Brazil
  • December:               Brazil

Harvest: Harvest time by country of production:

  • Algeria:                     July to September
  • Australia:                 November to March
  • Brazil:                       January to December
  • California;                August to September
  • Chile:                        December to February
  • Ecuador:                   January to December
  • Egypt:                       July
  • Greece:                     July
  • India:                        December to March & May to June
  • Israel:                       August to October
  • Italy:                         July to September
  • Lebanon:                  August & September
  • Morocco:                 June
  • Namibia:                  November to February
  • Peru:                         October to January
  • South Africa:            November & December
  • Spain:                       August to October


Grapa – Breeder in California


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