Amélie is a green or pale yellow-skinned mango, sometimes with a red blush. It is a medium sized roundish fruit with a slightly prominent ‘nose’. It has a great flavour when ripened well, with a unique perfumed fragrance and background tang. The yellow flesh is silky smooth and fibreless.

Amelie mango, sliced
Amelie mango, sliced

Amélie is often sold as an Organic mango, as growing conditions in Burkina Faso are favourable to organic production.

Dried mango from West Africa is often produced using the Amélie variety.

Ripening: The peel of Amélie generally changes to a pale to mid-yellow when the fruit is ripe, but there needs to be an obvious softness to the fruit as well. If slightly unripe, the flesh can be a little rubbery and acidic.


Grown in: Burkina Faso

Harvest & Availability:

  • March: Burkina Faso
  • April: Burkina Faso




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