Seasonal Fruit Topics

Pear of the Week

Pears can look quite shabby at this time of year as they have been in storage since September and the skin becomes quite sensitive to marking. However, eating quality of the best varieties should still be fine: Abaté Fétèl, Comice, Migo and Rocha. QTee is now reappearing from South Africa as the new season starts […]

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Fig of the Week

It’s a great time for fresh figs. Most retailers are selling South African Evita or Parisian figs which are seriously indulgent when at the right maturity (dark as possible). Waitrose sometimes has the Peruvian alternative, Toro Sentado, and there are Indian Brown Turkey figs on the market as well: both lighter and less ‘jammy’, but

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Orange of the Week

Blood oranges are available in most stores, and, of the two varietal choices, both are at their best: Italian Tarocco is usually acknowledged as the most sublime, but Spanish Sanguinelli (in Sainsburys & Tesco) is also excellent now that acids have reduced. Waitrose No. 1 is Ippolito, a particularly well-pigmented Tarocco (these being grown in

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