New Year 2019

Start 2019 with Flavoursome Fresh Fruit:

New Year is a great time to focus on a new approach to many aspects of life whether on resolutions, family, fitness, health, or diet.

Of diet, fruit is so often consigned to the routine in our daily lives, approached without consciousness, and experienced as mundane. The classic average fruit bowl of rather sad looking apples and oranges, or half-eaten punnets of tired grapes in the fridge are familiar to us all. What incentive does this provide to improve our daily intake of such a healthy source of nutrition and energy?

In our rushed, instantaneous society, the quiet spaces of life, the times for introspection and presence are few and far between, though I’m sure that we intuitively understand the benefits of such peace. Bringing such presence to all aspects of life is good for the soul, and approaching our choice of fruit to eat is no different. Choosing with consciousness and awareness will enhance our experience as we can select the best of the season and the most flavoursome varieties of each fruit type. Eating the seasonal best is uplifting and nourishing, and good value – nothing is wasted.

The Good Fruit Guide exists to help everyone raise their awareness of fruit, and find the best each week as we go shopping. Whether on the website, email or app, the choices that are highlighted will, at their best, be wonderful to eat, so much so that you will want some more.

Happy New Year from the Good Fruit Guide.

January 2019

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