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Grapes have been cultivated since the ancient Greeks, Turks, Romans and Egyptians discovered their versatility in wine-making, eating fresh and drying. With origins in the eastern Mediterranean, grapes have changed out of all recognition with hundreds of varieties are now grown through-out the world in warm, dry locations.  The fresh cultivars have all the makings of the perfect, irresistible 5-Star fruit. From seeded to seedless, black, red, pink, yellow to green, there is something for every taste. As well as the varieties, the sources and seasons are also complex to understand, so we will guide you towards the best at any one time of the year.

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Grape - Directory of Varieties


A red grape derived as a mutation of Prime Seedless. Arrafourteen is matures slightly later than Prime, by 2-3 days. Origin: The red variation of Prime Seedless was discovered in South Africa. Since 2001, the variety was reproduced in Paarl, South Africa for observations. A US patent for Arrafourteen has been issued to the Agricultural … Read More »

Grape - Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal is a late-season black grape. It has large, elongated purple-black berries with a crunchy skin, firm texture and a pleasant, distinctive flavour. It is generally seedless with attractive, translucent yellow-green flesh. However, under some seasonal circumstances, Autumn Royal can develop a seed ‘trace’ which can be visible, but usually not detectable through ‘mouth-feel’: … Read More »

Grape - Crimson


Crimson is a slightly elongated light red grape with high levels of sweetness and an attractive flavour. At it’s peak it is crisp and firm, and is popular with supermarkets due to it’s excellent storage capability. Crimson grapes mature towards the end of the season in a grape region, so will be the last from … Read More »

Early Sweet

An early white seedless grape. Origin: Early Sweet is a registered variety, bred in Israel, owned by Grapa Ltd, Cyprus. Grown in: Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, South Africa, Australia Harvest & Availability: Late May to mid July: from Egypt, Israel, Morocco Early to mid December: from Namibia, South Africa Website: Grapa Ltd, Cyprus

Ebony Star

Ebony Star is a large, round black grape with good eating quality and good storability. Origin: Grown in: South Africa, Spain Harvest & Availability: Ripens in mid to end March in South Africa; early July in Spain. Mid-July: from Spain

Grape - Fantasy Seedless


This large, firm, thin-skinned variety has oval berries that are shades of dark purple, blue and black. Fantasy Seedless mark the start of the black grape season out of the warm deserts of California.  These grapes have a distinctive taste of real grape juice, are noted for an elongated berry and are available until the … Read More »


Festival is an early season seedless white grape. The shape is fairly round, and the texture slightly soft. Flavour is unexceptional, but with good sweetness. Origin: Grown in: Brazil Harvest & Availability: November: from Brazil

Grape - Red - Flame Seedless - redgrapesfruitshutterstock_32016475 - 458x457


A seedless red grape which has become very popular within recent years and common on most supermarket shelves. The medium sized berries are sweet, with a slight hint of sharpness giving a nice balance of flavour. Origin: Grown in: Chile, Egypt, Peru Harvest & Availability: Flame is the earliest red grape available from any one … Read More »

Grape - Italia Seeded - 26879872 - 250x250

Italia Seeded

Although this grape has a few seeds, it is popular in much of mainland Europe. The plump berries are juicy, soft and have a lovely fragrant Muscat flavour – pity that our retailers have largely turned their back on the variety. Origin: Developed from a cross between Muscat x Bican by Luigi and Alberto Pirovano … Read More »

Grape - Midnight Beauty

Midnight Beauty

Midnight Beauty (aka SugraThirteen) is a black grape. The berries are seedless, crisp and have great sweetness and a mild flavour. This is a very good early season grape with large, slightly elongated berries with a slight red hue to the black colouration. The skin is thin and the eating experience excellent – high quality. … Read More »


Napoleon is a black seeded grape that has been largely been superceded by the recent seedless varieties such as Crimson and Flame. However, it has a worthy place in a good fruit bowl because it is very sweet, quite soft, but succulent and pleasurable to eat. The seeds soon cease to be a bother as … Read More »


A white seedless grape with distinctive round berries. Bunches of Perlette tend to be quite small, in the region of 150-200g. Origin: Grown in: Mexico Harvest & Availability: Late May: from Mexico

Grape - Prime Seedless - prime(2) - 451x451

Prime Seedless

Prime Seedless is an early-season white grape with round, medium sized berries. The fruit has good sugar levels, and a mild muscat flavour. Origin: Prime was developed by the Volcani institute in Israel and is a patented variety. Grown in: South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Israel, Egypt, Spain Harvest & Availability: June: from Egypt Mid December … Read More »

Princess Seedless

A seedless white grape. Origin: Grown in: Chile Harvest & Availability: May: from Chile


from Fresh Pristine® After 20 years and more than 250,000 crossings came the end of the Genetic Improvement program of the Blanc Seedless variety, that will enter Peru in the next season, under the marketing brand PRISTINE®, according to Jorge Torres, Chile´s Polar Fruit representative. He also assured that right now three additional varieties in Chile … Read More »

Grape - Red - Ralli - 350x350


A pale red / pink grape with softish fruit, a slight crunch, very low acidity and good sweetness. There is often a slight muscat flavour in more mature fruit making Ralli is quite irresistible once you start eating. It is also a popular variety because it stores very well, so can keep successfully during long-distance … Read More »

Grape - Red - Red Globe - 360x360 - redglobegrapes

Red Globe

A large, plump, sweet, crunchy and juicy seeded grape: Red Globes are one of the more satisfying grape varieties. These are the most popular grapes in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, but we have turned our back on them due to pips! True, there are some pips, but there is an art to … Read More »

Rosa Seedless

A red seedless grape. Origin: Rosa Seedless® is a registered trademark used for Grapes and owned by Sunview Marketing International, Delano, California. Patent filed: January 2003 Grown in: California Harvest & Availability: Marketing in UK: September: from California More details will be added shortly

Rosada Muscatel

A delicate pink-brown grape. Soft with immense flavour of muscat. Origin: Grown in: Chile, Spain Harvest & Availability: Mid July: from Spain

Grape - Black - Sunworld Sable


A delicious black seedless grape. Sable have intense sweetness and a hint of Parma Violets which makes them truly irresistible. The berries are slightly elongate and medium sized, but although not so crunchy, have a satisfying denseness to the flesh and a skin that offers little resistance. Sable is described by Sunworld as: A mid-season, … Read More »

Grape - Scarlotta - product_scarlotta

Scarlotta (Sugra19)

Scarlotta Seedless is a late-season red seedless grape (also known as Sugra19). The berries are very large and red to dark-red in colour. The fruit is sweet with a crisp texture. Origin: Scarlotta Seedless is a registered variety of Sunworld, California. Grown in: Chile, California Harvest & Availability: For European markets: June: from Chile Websites: … Read More »


An early white grape Origin: Grown in: Italy, Siciliy Harvest & Availability: Mid July: from Puglia, Italy

Grape - Sugraone - Sugraone_Product275px - 115x115


A slightly elongated green grape with a mild muscat flavour, sweet and low in acids. This is a grape with a good crunchy texture when eaten, and usually quite irresistible when at its best.  Sugraone is an early season grape. Origin: Sugraone was developed by Sunworld in California and has the trade-marked name of Superior … Read More »

Grape - Summer Royal

Summer Royal

Summer Royal is regarded as a mid-season seedless black grape, but is probably the first black grape from any table grape zone. The round berries are blue-black in colour, large and quite firm and crisp in texture. There is a sweet, neutral Muscat flavour to Summer Royal. Origin: Bred by David Ramming & Ron Tarailo … Read More »

Grape - Thompson - 82c9a8432315c210_f-greengrapes

Thompson Seedless

A white grape that has been the mainstay of the seedless grape industry for many years. At it’s best it is irresistibly sweet and delicious, but can be slightly tart in the early season. An elongated berry, with an attractive pale green-yellow skin, and no rudimentary seeds. Origin: Thompson Seedless is a Sultana grape, belonging … Read More »

Grape - How to Determine Quality

In The Stores: Grapes are increasingly being sold in 500g punnets by supermarkets. In fact the punnet is becoming the predominate package, which is strange considering the extra costs involved. However, the traditional poly-bag, often now zipped, is still very common, allowing a good look at the quality before buying.
Look out and avoid the following:

  • Any signs of mould or decay;
  • Signs that the berries are dropping from the stem;
  • Dry, brown stems;
  • Dark green colouration, or patchy green areas on red grapes;
  • Softness or shrivelling of berries, general ‘tiredness’ of the bunches

At Home: Grapes like cold temperatures, so are very happy to be kept in a fridge: good quality grapes should last for 7 days in cool conditions. To get the best of the flavour, its best to allow the fruit to warm to room temperature before eating.

Common Quality Problems:

  • Mould, decay, brown stems, softening and shrivelling are all signs of old fruit
  • Excess berry drop is a sign that the grapes have suffered from some sort of stress: lack of moisture while growing, too much heat at harvest, too slow to cool after harvest, etc
  • Problems with colouration, especially dark greens or green patches are due to immaturity.
  • Acidic fruit are due to immaturity at harvest, or poor growing conditions

Grape - The Science





Grown in:
Brazil: harvest from early September; growing areas: states of Bahia and Pernambuco
Peru: harvest from early October
Namibia: harvest from late November to late December
South Africa: harvest from late November to February

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