Raspberry-go-round: Raspberries are in peak season and of great quality, and there is a large choice of varieties for consumers. So, which raspberries should you buy? Broadly, the choice is between the following:

Traditional-style, flavoursome, but tangy Glen Lyon and Glen Ample, usually the cheapest.

New, sweet, though pricey Berry Gem or Berry Jewel, varieties which originate in UK, often offered as a premium choice in major supermarkets.

Tulameen, a Canadian variety, has always had a good reputation for sweetness and flavour, with distinctive long, conical berries: often sold by Sainsbury’s in the Taste-The-Difference pack.

Then there is the Californian variety, Driscoll Maravilla, also quite new, which is a reliably balanced variety and becoming popular with supermarkets (including Lidl) due to its firmness and stability. It’s not so tangy, not so sweet; mildly flavoured, but easy to munch.

There is also a range of other new varieties making an appearance. These all have slightly different attributes, but, by-and-large, do not have the tangy acidity of the older varieties. Look out for: Gleam, Grandeur and Radiance (originally from California); Adelita and Lupita (bred in Spain); Kweli and Imara (bred in UK and Holland); and Lagorai (bred in Italy).


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