Pears in August

Pears in August

It may not be obvious, but early to mid-summer is a great time for pears. The shops are full of a delicious array of varieties from the southern hemisphere, many of which we do not see in the European season. Did you try Forelle from South Africa, or Taylors Gold from New Zealand, along with Abate Fetel from Chile?

The best of these varieties are now finished and the season will gradually peter-out as stocks of the longer-stored Forelle, Packhams Triumph and Green Williams are depleted.

However, the new season European pears are already in stores, so if you like the fragrant, mild flavours of early varieties look-out for Morettini, Carmen and Santa Maria from Portugal and Italy, and even the first Italian Green Williams.

We now have an interesting mix of pears from three seasons:

  • Conference from Holland, harvested last September;
  • Forelle, Packhams and Green Williams from the southern hemisphere, harvested in February;
  • Green Williams, Morettini, Carmen and Santa Maria from Europe, harvested in August.


17th August, 2015




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