Easy-Peeler Citrus

Further thoughts on Easy-peelers available now: we were surprised to see Clementine variety Clemenule (from Spain) still on sale in Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s as they are normally finished by this time of year. On eating, they show the classic signs of late season:

a loss of acids, relatively bland, but sweet. If you want sweet, and are not bothered by limited depth of flavour, then they are fine: still enjoyable, as long as the condition is good.

Contrast Clemenules with the late season Mandarin, Nadorcott (either from Spain or Morocco), now in stores, and you will immediately notice the difference. The Nadorcott will have much more flavour, but, and this will dissipate in time, there will still be the odd fruit with quite a tang.

Other interesting Mandarins out now are Clemenvilla / Suntina (from Spain / Israel), Nour (from Morocco), Orri (from Spain or Israel), Tacle (from Italy) and Queen (from Spain). All these have great flavour at the moment.

Check the labels or ask the store staff and look out for:

Clemenvilla from Spain (or Suntina from Israel)

Nour from Morocco

Nadorcott from Morocco or Spain

Orri from Spain or Israel

Tacle from Italy (M&S only)(unusual flavour of blood oranges)

Queen from Spain (a new Satsuma hybid variety)


End of Season:

Clemenules from Spain

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