Berries in June

We are not far from the peak UK season for berries and are already at the point where practically all strawberries in stores are from domestic growers. So, with the myriad of varieties on offer, it is worth considering the differences and at least being aware of the choices available:

Strawberries: All strawberries are now home-grown and are wonderfully fresh. Look out for newer varieties with flavour and sweetness such as Driscoll Lusa, Driscoll Elizabeth, Majestic, Flair and Magnum, among others.

Many stores are selling bigger packs at decent prices (usually of the older varieties): Waitrose at £3.50/kg, Aldi at £3.51/kg, Sainsbury’s at £3.57/kg, etc. Nearly time for strawberry jam?

Blackberries: British blackberries are getting underway and many big stores are offering choice between old and new varieties. The latter, such as Driscoll Victoria, have large fruit and are sweet, but may disappoint traditionalists as the lack of acids can diminish the flavour experience – some are quite bland.  Lochness and Karaka Black have the old zing that gives the flavour some depth!

Raspberries: British raspberries are available alongside those from Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Look out for especially sweet varieties such as: Tulameen, Berry Gem, Berry Jewel and Driscoll Maravilla.

Blueberries: Fresh Moroccan and Spanish blueberries are marvellous fruit, a great snack, and a perfect substitute for sweets. All varieties have something to offer, but there are many new and sweeter varieties such as Driscoll Stella Blue, Driscoll Cielo, Kirra, Mayra, Arana, and Celeste, which are available in most stores (look at the label for the variety name).

Remember to look at the labels to find out which variety is in the punnet!





12th June 2017

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