Midnight Beauty (Sugra13)


Midnight Beauty is a seedless black grape with medium to large elongated berries. The berries are a dense overall black colouration, sometimes with a slight red hue. The skin has slight resistance on biting, but is not particularly noticeable in chewing, leaving no bitter after-taste. The flesh has a reasonably crisp texture with good levels of sweetness and a mild flavour.

Growers like Midnight Beauty due to its early to mid-season harvest, good berry attachment, natural size and colour and fairly low chill requirement.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

For consumers, Midnight Beauty is a good quality crisp and sweet black seedless grape.

Sweet, crisp

Names: Midnight Beauty; SugraThirteen; USPP10434

Origin: Midnight Beauty is a hybrid created by cross breeding Fantasy Seedless with unnamed seedling 17-138 in May 1990 by David W. Cain in Wasco, Kern County, California. It was first propagated asexually in December, 1992, and the US plant patent was granted in June, 1998. Midnight Beauty is a registered variety of Sun World International LLP, California.

Grown in: Midnight Beauty is produced under license in all major table grape regions: California, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Australia and South Africa.

Harvest & Availability: Supplies to UK generally come from the following:

  • January: South Africa
  • February: South Africa
  • March: South Africa, Chile
  • April: Chile
  • May: Chile
  • June: Egypt
  • July: Egypt, Spain, Portugal
  • August: Spain, Portugal, Italy
  • September:
  • October:
  • November: Brazil
  • December: Brazil



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