Solo is a variety of small papaya with exceptional eating quality. The fruit has thin skin, which becomes yellow-orange on ripening, a a deep orange flesh which is smooth, sweet and flavoursome. We generally see the pear-shaped fruit from the bisexual plant, while the female plant (there are no male plants of this variety) produces a round fruit.

Origin: Solo is believed to have originated in Barbados, but was not developed commercially until it’s introduction to Hawaii between 1911 and 1919.

There are three ‘Solo’-type varieties are grown commercially in Hawaii:  Kapoho, which has yellow-orange flesh, Sunrise has reddish-orange flesh and larger fruit than Kapoho, and Waimanalo with yellow-orange flesh and larger fruit than other ‘Solo’ papayas,

Grown in: Hawaii, Jamaica

Harvest & Availability:
December to February: from Jamaica