Calimosa (Formosa)


The Calimosa, often known as Formosa, is a medium to large sized, green-skinned papaya. The flesh is an attractive yellow-orange colour, firm and juicy. The flavour is exceptional, with a good levels of sweetness.

These papayas are always air-freighted, hence they are expensive, though you pay for reliability of flavour. They are worthy treat, as one fruit will give 6 decent portions.


Grown in: Brazil

Harvest & Availability:
April to September: from Brazil

Calimosa is the result of a seven-year scientific research between Caliman Agrícola, the Brazilian University North Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro State University and FINEP, a Brazilian institution that supports scientific researches and projects. This new fruit resulted out of crossing the Golden papaya you have been receiving for years and Formosa, the large papaya variety (not the Mexican Maradol). Among 84 crossing results between Golden and Formosa, Calimosa was chosen as the best one, since it presents the best qualities from both varieties. The Calimosa is in average 26.6% sweeter than the large papaya variety. The pulp is bright orange and juicy and the fruit is edible when the skin is still green. The size is also appealing, because it is a middle ground for those clients who prefer the larger fruit, but cannot consume it right away and don’t want to store it.