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A good pineapple is one of the tastiest fruits available. When at their peak maturity and ripeness, one slice will never be enough as the sweetness and flavour are so attractive. Unfortunately, it is generally necessary to be near where they grow to experience them at their very best. That said, millions of pineapples are sold in countries outside the tropics, so, even after a two week sea journey, the quality is such that many people enjoy the experience.

In recent years, breeding of improved varieties has produced the MD2 pineapple. This is an excellent variety for consistent yield and good shelf-life, and has become the most common to be exported to Europe and North America. It will easily cope with the two week journey by sea, and offers consistent quality and sweetness, as well as the low prices allowed by avoiding the need for air-freight. It has been so successful that for many consumers it is the only pineapple variety they ever see on sale in stores.

Good Fruit Guide Favourite Pineapples:

  • MD2
  • Smooth Cayenne


Grown In: Tropical and sub-tropical countries throughout the world, though not in arid or semi-arid zones.

Major Exporting Countries to UK:

  • Costa Rica
  • Ghana
  • Ivory Coast

Nutrition and Health Benefits:


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