Maha Chanok


Maha Chanok or Mahachanok is a premium quality mango from Thailand. It is distinctive in its shape which is very elongated and elegantly curved. The skin, which is smooth and thin, turns from green colour to yellowish-orange when ripening, and there is often an attractive pink-red blush on one side. The stone is long and thin, leaving a good proportion of flesh. The flesh, which has an alluring yellow-orange colour, is exceptionally smooth and virtually fibreless. The sweetness of the mango intense, and the flavour and aroma are beautifully refined and fragrant.

The fruit size is 16 – 18cm and the typical weight is between 250 – 370 g.

Names: Mahachanok; Rainbow mango.

OriginMahachanok mango was developed on Tiew-Thong Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a hybrid between Nang Klang Wan and Sunset.

Grown in: Thailand

Harvest & Availability: Available in UK:

  • March:
  • April:from Thailand
  • May: from Thailand