October Sun

A late red plum variety, though the skin colour is more an attractive pink-orange than red. The shape is a very slightly elongated sphere and the size is generally quite large. The flesh is pale yellow, fairly soft and with decent juice, less dense that many late varieties. The flavour is mild, pleasant with good sweetness and very limited acidity. The stone is a freestone, being fairly small. October Sun can store well, so can be sold in the 4-5 weeks after harvest.

October Sun is a Japanese plum-type.

Origin: October Sun is a registered variety, owned by Agri Sun of Selma, California. It is a chance seedling discovered in 1979, that was then grown-on from a nursery in 1983 by Thomas O. Chamberlain, snr.

Grown in: California, Italy, Australia

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in California is late September; in Australia in late March/April and can hang until May in late areas.
Availability on European markets:
October: from Italy