Maya is a high quality mango with a lovely flavour and smooth, fibreless flesh. The shape is quite round compared to many mangoes, and a distinctive feature is a small prominent ‘horn’ at the stylar end. The underlying peel colour is a deep yellow, but there is often an attractive orange-red blush on much of the surface. The peel is thin and the stone quite small, while the flesh is plump and fulsome.

Ripening & Quality: Maya is easy to monitor for ripeness as the fruit becomes quite soft and tender when mature, and the peel develops a deep yellow tinge beneath the red blush.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Maya is a beautiful mango with silky smooth flesh which will be thoroughly enjoyed by consumers.

Sweet, silky, flavoursome.

Names: Maya

Origin: The Maya variety was discovered as a natural clone in an Israeli orchard. First arrivals in Europe commenced in about 2002, although the variety had been common on local markets for several years previously.

Grown in: Israel, Gambia.

Harvest  & Availability: Suppliers of Maya to UK are generally as follows:

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  • May:
  • June: Gambia
  • July: Gambia, Israel
  • August: Israel
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