The KiwiBerry is the fruit of the Hardy Kiwi, related to standard kiwi and looking similar in internal cross-section. The fruit is small, bite-sized and is completely hairless with a smooth green skin. Being sweet and flavoursome as well, it is the ideal fruit snack, with great potential as a rival to grapes and cherries. The KiwiBerry is not a new fruit, but has so far failed to be commercially successful because of it’s short shelf-life and irregular ripening. New, improved varieties are being developed, particularly in New Zealand, as you would expect, so we will be seeing more of this fruit in the near future.

Variety Anna is a small-fruited kiwiberry, dark green in colour, often with a deep-red blush. The berries are reasonably firm to touch, but can soften quickly. The flavour is superb, being distinct and aromatic, with good levels of sweetness.

Hortgem Toru is a slightly early season variety with storage life of about 3 weeks at 0°C.

Names / Varieties: Actinidia arguta; Hardy Kiwi; Nergi; Hortgem Toru; Hortgem Tahi; Anna; Weiki; Takaka Green; K2D4; Marju Red.

Origin: Actinidia arguta grows wild in China, Japan, Korea and NE Siberia.

Hortgen Toru was created through plant-breeding program at HortResearch in Auckland, New Zealand. The cross was made in November 1987 and final plants were selected after storage and sensory evaluation in 1998.

Grown in: New Zealand, Chile, USA, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain, UK

Harvest & Availability: Source countries for sales in UK:

  • September:UK, France, Holland, Portugal
  • October: UK, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal
  • November: France, Spain
  • December:


KiwiBerry, New Zealand

Patent – Hortgen Toru


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