Hayward – Kiwi


The Hayward kiwi is the main green variety produced for the world’s markets and dominates production in most growing areas. It is moderately hairy and more rounded than other kiwi varieties. Hayward has the best eating quality of the existing green varieties, mainly due to higher levels of sweetness. The skin is thin (and can be eaten without much discomfort!) and the flesh is an attractive green with a white centre.

Kiwi plants are either male or female, and Hayward fruits are borne by a female vine.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Hayward kiwifruit have a unique flavour and a beautiful appearance, and are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Names: Hayward.

Origin: Hayward originated in New Zealand.

Grown in: Hayward kiwi are widely grown in sub-tropical and mediterrenean zones. It is found in UK shops from New Zealand (Zespri), Chile, Italy or Greece, with occasional arrivals from France and Spain.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • February: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • March: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • April: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • May: New Zealand, Australia and Chile
  • June: New Zealand, Australia and Chile
  • July: New Zealand, Australia and Chile
  • August: New Zealand, Australia and Chile
  • September: New Zealand, Australia and Chile
  • October: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • November: Greece, Italy, France, Spain
  • December: Greece, Italy, France, Spain


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