Description: Keitt mangoes are probably the most common variety on sale in supermarkets. Eating quality is generally good; enjoyable without being exceptional, but usually reliable, sweet and flavoursome.
Due to good storage capability, Keitt mangoes can be sea-freighted from their country of origin, which keeps the costs down for consumers.
The fruit is a large, tapered, oval shape, with slight nose-like bulge above its tip.
The flesh is lemon yellow, colouring from the stone outward, giving it a very firm feel until fully mature. The flesh has a chalky/powdery sweetness and minimal fibre surrounding the smallish stone area. The juicy flesh may have some small fibres, but is usually fibreless.
The skin is  green with occasional pink blush.
The fruit matures at a later stage than many commercial varieties, so can be quite large.  Along with it’s storage and travelling capabilities, this makes it popular with growers and retailers around the world.

Origin: Keitt is a ‘Florida’ variety due to the origins as a commercial fruit in Florida, discovered as a seedling on the property of Mrs J.N Keitt in the 1940’s being large, oval and maturing green with some red blush.

Grown in: Keitt is grown in most mango regions, but big commercial plantations tend to be in South and Central America.

Seasons & Sources:
May: from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rica, Brazil
August to October: from Israel
Mid September: from Brazil
November: from Spain
December to early-February: from Ecuador


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