Joybells is a red seedless grape with a deep crimson colouration. Berries are medium sized and of an elliptoid shape. The flesh is crisp and refreshing, while the skin, although noticeable on biting and chewing, does not detract from the eating experience. Flavour is mild, often with a slight acid tang, but sweetness is very good, resulting in an attractive and enjoyable table grape.

Joybells is a high yielding, early season red seedless grape with good, colouring, hanging and storage ability.

Quality: A good quality sample of Joybells should have medium sized berries; an even, deep crimson colour; high levels of sweetness, and a refreshing, crisp texture.

Names: Joybells; C3335

Origin: Breeder: ARC Infruitec – Nietvoorbij, South Africa; South Africa licencee: Culdevco (Pty) Limited

Grown in: South Africa

Harvest: South Africa: Hex River, late January to mid February

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Culdevco South Africa


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