Granny Smith


Granny Smith is a late-harvest green apple variety. It has hard, crisp white flesh, which has a distinct tangy acidity along with decent sweetness. The skin is smooth and the green colour varies from milky to a clean, strong green, sometimes with slight white lenticel blotches. The skin can be quite tough to chew. Flavour is not exceptional, but the quality of Granny Smith is reliable from most retail outlets as the fruit stores very well, particularly with the advent of SmartFresh.

Granny Smith from South Africa tends to be naturally sweeter than from most other origins. Examples of the fruit with a red blush are a good indication that the growing conditions have been too cool.

Granny Smith apples are good for both cooking and eating.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: **

If you like hard, crisp, tangy apples, Granny Smith is for you.

Hard, Tangy, Juicy

Names: Granny Smith

Origin: Granny Smith was discovered as a chance sport, possibly from a French Crab apple, by Maria Ann Smith near Sydney, Australia in the 1860’s.

Grown In: France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. Granny Smith apples do best in regions where a long season of warm days and nights is possible.

Harvest & Availability: In France, harvest begins in late September, in the Sud-Tyrol, in early October. In South Africa and Chile harvest is in late March / early April:

  • January: France, Italy
  • February: France, Italy
  • March: France, Italy
  • April: France, Italy
  • May: France, Italy
  • June: South Africa
  • July: South Africa
  • August: South Africa
  • September: South Africa
  • October: South Africa
  • November: France, Italy
  • December: France, Italy

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