A yellow-fleshed Kiwi fruit. The Gold kiwi has a bronze skin, smoother than a Hayward green kiwi and one end is slightly pointed. The flavour is more noticeably ‘tropical’ and less tart than the green fruit, while the flesh is slightly softer.

Origin: Gold kiwi fruit were bred in New Zealand, and released as a variety in 1992. The original variety, Hort16A, has proved to be susceptible to the Psa-V vine disease which has significantly affected production in New Zealand. The Enza Gold variety is thought to have some resistance to the disease and is being planted by some growers, and the Gold3 variety seems to have good tolerance and is planned to be introduced over three years from 2012.

Grown in: As the variety is a registered and branded fruit, it’s spread across the kiwi growing areas has been slow, governed by licences. Currently, New Zealand and Italy are the main growing areas for the UK market.

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in Europe is in September, early October; while in New Zealand it takes place in late March / April:
May to September: from New Zealand
September to January: from Italy

Actinidia chinensis


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