A glacial green-white fleshed melon with golden yellow netted surface and round shape. Galia are the most popular melon on our shelves. A good Galia is irresistible, very sweet with a strong aroma: cut in half and scoop out with a spoon.
: Ripeness is measured by colour and fragrance. They should be more yellow than green, and a good fragrance should be detectable. Some say that a well developed net is also a good indicator of ripeness.
Origin: Galia are the result of a cross between yellow honeydew and canteloupe melons. The variety was released in about 1970 by the melon breeder Zvi Karchi in Israel.
Grown in: Galia can be grown in all Mediterranean climates along with other melon types
Harvest & Availability: Galia have a reputation for being quite difficult to grow, and are more popular in Europe than most other markets. The main sources of Galia for the European market are:
November to February: Brazil
March to May: Costa Rica, Honduras, Senegal
May to July: Sicily, Spain
June to September: Spain, France, Italy
September to November: Sicily


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