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Envy is a variety of bi-coloured apple with exceptional texture and flavour. The red skin is characterised by prominent lenticels, while the flesh is crisp and juicy, and cream coloured. Envy is closely related to Jazz (Scifresh), but has distinctly different eating qualities, particularly in its texture which is not quite so hard as Jazz. The flavour is also distinctive, with a good acid balance.

Envy is a late-harvest variety, later than Royal Gala, Braeburn and Jazz.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Envy is an excellent dessert apple which will satisfy consumer who enjoy very crisp apples which are not too hard.

Crisp, sweet, flavoursome

Names: Scilate; Envy; PLU 3616; USPP20477P3

Origin: Scilate is the result of one of a number of crosses between Royal Gala and Braeburn by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research. This cross was made in 1985 on trees located on land at Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The US Plant Patent was granted in November, 2009. Envy is the registered marketing name for Scilate.

Grown in: New Zealand, UK, USA, Chile

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: UK
  • February: UK
  • March: UK
  • April: UK
  • May: UK, New Zealand
  • June: New Zealand
  • July: New Zealand
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December: UK


1 review for Envy

  1. Nick Ball

    A fabulous variety with all-round appeal: crisp, but not too hard; sweet, but with a lovely balanced acidity; flavoursome and juicy. The UK-grown fruit seems to be slightly more open in texture than the New Zealand equivalent, but is equally attractive.

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