Scarlotta (Sugra19)

Scarlotta Seedless is a late-season red seedless grape. The berries are large, elongated with a berry colour that is red to dark-red. The fruit is sweet with minimal acid tang and a mild flavour. The skin is of medium thickness and offers some resistance when biting and chewing, with a slight astringency. The flesh texture is of light crispness.

Growers like Scarlotta for its ability to attain a red colouration without treatment, even in deep shade, and to lengthen the season with late harvest and good storage potential.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

For consumers, Scarlotta is a good looking, sweet, red grape with a soft-crisp texture.

Sweet, lightly crisp

Names: Scarlotta Seedless; Sugranineteen; Sugra19; US Patent USPP14088P3.

Origin: Scarlotta Seedless is a product of the breeding programme of Sunworld International. The new variety was first hybridized by David W. Cain in Wasco, Kern County, California. The variety was first propagated asexually in 1996. Scarlotta Seedless is a registered variety of Sunworld, California. The US patent was granted on 26th August 2003.

Grown in: Peru, Chile, Brazil, California, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia.

Harvest & Availability: Harvest is 7 weeks later than Ralli. For supply to European markets:

  • January: Peru
  • February: Chile, South Africa
  • March: Chile, South Africa
  • April: Chile, South Africa
  • May: Chile
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: Spain. Italy
  • November: Spain, Italy
  • December: Peru, Brazil