Cambridge Gage (Greengage)

Cambridge Gage is greengage variety that is similar to the Old greengage, but with greater stability of production. The fruit are of small to medium size and have a fairly bright green coloured skin which mellows to a yellowish-green as ripening commences. The translucent flesh is a sweet, honeyed and melting with plenty of juice when harvested at the correct maturity. It is a semi-cling stone variety meaning that the flesh comes away from the stone fairly easily.

Cambridge is a partially self-fertile variety, but does benefit from the presence of pollinators.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Cambridge is a decent, enjoyable greengage which doesn’t quite reach the heights of other varieties, but has a valuable place in the calendar of these beautiful fruit.

Honeyed, sweet, melting

Names: Cambridge; Cambridge Gage; Prunus domestica ‘Cambridge Gage’

Origin: Cambridge Gage has an unknown origin, but is probably a chance sport on an Old greengage in Cambridgeshire. It was first recognised in the 1920’s by Chivers & Son Ltd; trialed at the National Fruit Trials at Wisley in 1927; recieved an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1998.

Grown in: UK

Harvest & Availability: Cambridge Gage is generally regarded as a mid-late season greengage which is harvested in late August-September. However, early sites in Kent can see production in early August, or, exceptionally, in late July.

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