The Bramley apple is unique to the British Isles and is an excellent cooking apple. Cooks prefer Bramleys because the flesh holds its shape once cooked, and it can be used for savoury as well as sweet dishes. Unsweetened, Bramleys are quite sour to taste, so sugar needs to be added for our famous desserts such as apple crumble and apple pie.

Origin: Nottinghamshire, 1837, of unknown parentage.

Grown in: England (mainly in Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk and Worcestershire) and Northern Ireland.

Harvest & Availability: Harvest is in September. Bramleys, like other apples, are placed in cold stores under controlled atmosphere conditions to prolong their storage life. With modern techniques, which include treatments to block the ethylene sensors on the fruit, the fruit can succesfuly store for 52 weeks without detriment to quality, giving good availability all year.


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