Fruit News This Week – Wk 38

Week 38, 2015

12th September, 2015

Five For Fabulous Flavour:

  • Figs
  • New season English apples – Estivale, Zari
  • Grapes – Sultana, Sable, Tropical Mango, Cotton Candy,
  • Israeli Mangoes – Shelley
  • Wild blackberries

Blackberries: Wild blackberries are free and supremely flavoursome and are in all good hedgerows now (though maturity will depend on location)! Alternatively, the fat, impressive Victoria (or Driscoll’s Victoria) blackberry is available in many supermarkets.

Apples: There are many early varieties being sold from the new English apple season, which seems to be a bumper harvest. Pick of the varieties for texture and flavour are Zari (in Sainsburys), Scrumptious (in Tesco) and Estivale (in Waitrose and M&S).

Figs: This is the best time of year for figs with the Turkish season in full flow. Shops are currently full of the tasty black Bursa fig. However, try to find the darker coloured fruit with a delicate velvety softness, as these will be sweetest.

Grapes: If you care to look in local ethnic grocers, or on street markets, you may spot the small, golden Sultana grape from Turkey (possibly Greece as well). This is the original seedless grape and is wonderfully sweet and gorgeous. It is not sold in supermarkets due to small, soft berries and a propensity to drop from the stalk, but its not to be missed.

Otherwise, the best varieties in supermarkets are Sable, Cotton Candy, Tropical Mango and Autumn Royal, the latter for lovely texture.

Mangoes: The Israeli mango, Shelley is still widely available. However, for something quite unusual, try Ataulfo from Brazil in M&S. Delicious Chausna from Pakistan is still available in Tesco, though not for long.

Other News:

  • The Brazilian melon season has started with Canteloupe, Galia and Honeydew on sale in several stores.
  • The last main plum variety of the northern season, Angelino, has arrived in stores: this is a dense plum which will remain relatively hard, though should be sweet.
  • Tesco are selling a very large avocado from South Africa called Avozilla.
  • Pomegranates are mainly from Israel at the moment, but the first Spanish fruit, a variety called Valenciana, is starting to arrive.
  • Cherries from the last main northern source are now on sale: a choice of Canadian and Scottish, depending on retailer.



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