Fruit News This Week (24th September)

Week 39, 2015

24th September, 2015

Fruit News This Week

Five Fruit with Fabulous Flavour:

  • Turkish Figs
  • New season English apples – Estivale, Zari, Cox, Worcester
  • Mangoes – Spanish Osteen, Brazilian Palmer
  • Satsumas – Iwasaki from Spain
  • Grapes – Cotton Candy, Autumn Royal

Satsumas: The first Spanish Satsumas are coming into stores. The variety is Iwasaki, the first of the season, so not necessarily particularly sweet. However, those who love Satsumas for their juicy, bland sweetness will be satisfied.

Alternatively, late South African and Peruvian Clementines, such as Nadorcott and Orri, are sweet and densely flavoured.

Apples: Early varieties from the new English apple season are still on the shelves. Pick of the early varieties are Zari (in Sainsburys), Scrumptious (in Tesco) and Estivale (in Waitrose and M&S), all joined by the ever popular Worcester.

The Cox season is properly underway. Personally, I think the fruit needs curing a bit longer, but fans will be delighted by the availability of a ‘proper’ English apple.

Figs: Tasty Black Bursa figs from Turkey are still abundant, and other varieties will be available in independent stores and markets. Try to find the darker coloured Bursa with a delicate velvety softness, as these will be sweetest.

Grapes: The most flavoursome varieties in supermarkets are Cotton Candy and Autumn Royal, the latter for lovely texture. Waitrose have an interesting Muscat variety.

Mangoes: The Spanish mango Osteen, is deliciously fragrant (sold in Tesco). A good alternative is Palmer from Brazil, which usually has good flavour.

Other News:

  • The Spanish persimmon season is underway with Triumph.


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