Maribelle is a bi-coloured apple with a round, conical shape. It has an attractive red, blocky-striped colouration on a pale green background of smooth peel with a light sprinkling of lenticels. The peel has some resistance on biting and seems quite thick to the mouth-feel. The flesh is firm without being hard and is quite chewy with an attractive blocky texture. There is an interesting hint of flavour with good sweetness and acidity. This is the a defining feature of the variety: sweet, but not too sweet with the interest of a slight tanginess.

Growers will be attracted to Maribelle as an easy-to-grow, high yielding variety that has low susceptibility to several diseases, and has a good storability and in-home keeping qualities.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Maribelle is an attractive apple of mild sweetness, acidity, flavour and texture.

Sweet, chewy, mild

Names: Maribelle; Lola

Origin: Maribelle is the result of a cross between Gloster x Meiprinses x Elstar made in about 1998. The breeder was Sonnaville of The Netherlands. The first trees were planted in 2008, and the first fruit were sold from 2011.

Grown in: Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, UK, France, Germany, South Africa and Canada.

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Maribelle – Lola