A real favourite in Thailand where the growers can’t understand why we don’t eat them more regularly. The truth is that most people in Europe wouldn’t know a mangosteen if they fell over one! However, these are lovely fruit with a fabulous taste and are well worth a try.



Grown in:

Thailand and othe sout-east Asian countries.


Thailand: Eastern regions – April to May; Southern regions – June to August

Peak season: end June to early August.


Mangosteens are exported to Europe from Thailand during their season, from April to August. The availability of the fruit in UK can be rather patchy as it is not stocked by all supermarkets, and even those that do (most likely, Asda and Tesco) will only devote shelf space to them in the largest stores. It is the independent grocery stores where you are most likely to find mangosteens, especially those that specialise in Asian foods (e.g in Chinatown, etc).


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