Elsanta is reliable strawberry with a reasonable flavour and aroma, though it has had poor press in the past. It has become a mainstream variety in the industry because it yields well and has a good shelf-life, and does not generally disappoint the consumer on eating. The problem lies, as with many varieties, in the effects of growers forcing the pace of production: taste is always going to be the loser.

Origin:  The variety was selected in 1975 in The Netherlands ay what is now Research International B.V. It was developed from a cross between ‘Gorella’ and ‘Holiday’. Elsanta is protected by plant breeders’ rights and grown under licence.

Grown in: Holland, Belgium, Spain, UK, and many other countries.

Harvest & Availability:
March to April: from Spain
April to October: from UK, Holland, Spain
November: from Holland

Plant Research International – Wageningen, The Netherlands