Clemenpons are very similar to Clemenules, the main variety from Spain, but arrives in the shops 2 to 3 weeks earlier. It is a high quality, easy-peeling fruit which should be quite irresistible at its best.

Origin: A variety of Clementine derived through a chance mutation from a Clemenules tree. Discovered and patented in 1964 by Juan Pons Bolta in Pego, Aligante, Spain.

Characteristics: , and the tree has characteristic burr knots and galls on the trunk.  Eating quality is superior to Arrufatina, but similar Clemenules. Smooth, slightly pebbly, red-orange rind of 2mm, which is very easy to peel when mature. 10-13% brix, 0.8-1.1% acid.

Grown in: Spain, South Africa

Harvest & Availability: In Spain, the fruit is earlier to mature than Clemenules, by up to 3 weeks and is ready to harvest in mid-October in the Valencia region. In South Africa, harvest takes place in late April / early May:
Late October to late November: from Spain
Late May to June: from South Africa


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