Sweet Perfection


Sweet Perfection is a new yellow-fleshed peach variety with good flavour and colour, and resistance to Peach Leaf Curl, a disease common to most peach varieties. The skin is non-furry with a creamy pink colouration, usually with a red blushed area.

The variety could become popular due to the leaf curl resistance which means it is very suitable to organic production. It is also helpful in conventional production as less costly spraying is necessary.

Origin: The variety is a chance mutation discovered in Oamaru, South Island, New Zealand by Terry Brookes and Helen Fowler.  The tree was first noticed for it’s good quality fruit in about 1995, but the resistance to leaf-curl soon became obvious as well. In 2012, commercialisation of the variety begun through John Penny at Thirkettle Nurseries, Nelson.

Grown in: Oamaru, New Zealand