Sweet Eve


Sweet Eve is an improved strawberry variety specifically bred for production conditions in the UK. It is an orange-red coloured berry, quite light compared to many varieties, and has a good level of sweetness and flavour. The texture is firm without being crunchy which helps it last for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Sweet Eve has become popular with supermarkets because it has a good shelf-life as well as an attractive eating quality. It is also an ‘everbearer’ variety which continuously fruits through the summer season and is often sold in their top quality brands (Finest*, Taste-The-Difference, etc). During the peak season in August, it is available in standard packs as well.

Origin: The result of a 25 year breeding programme directed by Peter Vinson. Sweet Eve is a trade marked variety, owned by Berryworld Ltd.

Grown in: UK

Harvest & Availability:
June to October: from UK

The Great British Strawberry – Sweet Eve

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