Santina is an early cherry variety, with a dark, almost black, colouration. It is an attractive looking fruit, with an oval flattened-heart shape and good flavour and moderate sweetness. The berry is moderately large and firm with radiant glow.

The tree is self-fertile, without over-setting and is considered to be moderately tolerant to splitting.

Origin: Santina was bred at the Summerland Research Station in British Columbia, Canada and released in the 1960’s. It is the result of a Stella x Summit cross. Santina is a trade-marked variety.

Grown in: Canada, Spain

Harvest & Availability: Santina matures between 6 to 8 days before Van and Bing. In Spain, harvest takes place from the end of May, in Canada it is normally harvested in mid to late June.
End-May to early June: from Spain