Red Windsor


Red Windsor is a more or less full coloured red apple with a slightly squat shape. The red colour is attractively dark and there are often striations of russet around the fruit cheeks. The texture is generally firm, sometimes a little soft, while the eating sensation has a definite strong hint of acid with good juice, a decent sweetness and a strong flavour.

Red Windsor is an early-mid season variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Red Windsor will be attractive to anyone with a taste for a good tangy apple.

Tangy, flavoursome, firm.

Names: Red Windsor

Origin: Red Windsor is one of two natural mutations of Alkmene to have greater red colouration of the skin (the other being Ceeval). Alkmene was developed at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institue, Germany, in the 1930’s. It is the result of a cross between Duchess of Oldenburg x Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Grown in: UK

Harvest & Availability:  In UK, Red Windsor is generally harvested in early September, slightly before Cox.

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