Fantasy is a large-berried, firm, thin-skinned variety. The grapes are oval in shape and have shades of dark purple, blue and black.

Fantasy Seedless marks the start of the black grape season out of the warm deserts of California. These grapes have a distinctive taste of grape juice, are noted for an elongated berry and are available until the end of August.

Fantasy Seedless is a mid-season blue-black seedless table grape. It has among the largest berries of the main black grape cultivars (berry fresh weight = 7 to 8 grams or more) being grown in California.

Fantasy Seedless berries are thin skinned and firm. The flesh is pale green and translucent and the fruit has excellent flavour when fully mature. Fantasy Seedless berries are highly susceptible to cracking.

Origin: From
Mother: FRESNO B36-27
Father: FRESNO P64-18 (or C78-68 ?)
In addition to several USDA numbered selections, its parentage includes Blackrose, Red Malaga, Muscat d’Alexandria and Sultanina.
Year of breeding: 1978; released in 1989/1994 (previously known as C23-92)

Country of origin: USA, developed by David Ramming and Ron Tarailo of the USDA ARS Fruit Genetics and Breeding Research Unit, in Fresno, CA.

Grown in: Chile, India, Mexico, California

Harvest & Availability:
For the European market:
May: from India
Early July: from Mexico