Miho Wase (Mihowase) Satsuma

Miho Wase or Mihowase is an early-maturing satsuma. It has very good internal quality being juicy and plump, with a mild tang to balance the sweetness and the typical refreshing blandness of a satsuma. The pale orange-coloured rind is very easy to remove, and the internal flesh is an attractive deep orange colour. The fruit has a distinctive rounded shape, with a pronounced ‘nose’ at the stem-end. In many respects, it is similar to Owari satsuma, but is generally smaller and sweeter.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

If you enjoy the tangy juiciness of satsuma’s, you will find a good Mihowase to be wonderfully satisfying.

Plump, tangy, sweet.

Names: Mihowase; Miho Wase; Citrus unshiu Marcovitch

Origin: Miho Wase was a selection from the Miyagawa Wase satsuma, derived in 1940, registered in Japan in 1963. It never achieved commercial success in Japan but has succeeded in New Zealand and South Africa. The variety was introduced to South Africa in the late 1970’s and released, in association with Outspan International, in 1983. It is now the preferred satsuma in South Africa. It is a sister variety to Owari.

Grown in: South Africa, New Zealand, Japan

Harvest & Availability: In South Africa, Mihowase is ready to pick towards the end of February / early March. Availability in UK is as follows:

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  • April: South Africa
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