Nanfeng (Honey Mandarin)

The Nanfeng tangerine or Nanfengmiju that is familiar to European markets is the ‘Tiny Tangerine’ or so called by many retailers.

This mandarin fruit is small compared to the more common Clementines and Satsumas with which we are familiar, hence giving it a novelty value, but it is also very tasty with intense sweetness and an attractive flavour that is enhanced by a good acid balance. The ‘tiny tangerine’ is a 2-4cm diameter fruit. The shape is quite flattened and there is a slight depression of both stylar and stem-ends. The peel is an attractive deep orange colour and is thin, slightly rough, but easy to remove. The segments are juicy, seedless and easy to eat, making a delicious snack.

There are several selections of Nanfeng tangerine, such as Xiaoguo Nanfeng, Zaoshu Nanfeng and Daguo Nanfeng.

Origin: This is an ancient Chinese variety, said to originate in the Tang Dynasty, AD 618-907.

Grown in: Fuzhou and Nanfeng counties, Jiangxi Province, China.  The same variety is grown in Japan and known as Kinshu mikan.

Harvest & Availability:
Late November to January: from China

Cultural China
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Ji Yuan Farmers Coop
– producers of Nanfeng tangerines
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Citrus reticulata Blanco var. Kinokuni?Tanaka?

Nan feng mi ju, Jin qian mi ju, Mi ju (Nanfeng County of Jiangxie province).