FRUIT for ENTERTAINING – Indian Mango with berries

When looking for fruit for entertaining, the very best taste at the moment can be found in Indian mangoes such as Kesar and Alphonse. As a soothing, sweet dessert after a sumptuous main course, they will not fail to impress your guests with their wonderful flavour.

Indian Mango with berries: The deep orange-yellow flesh of Indian mangoes contrast beautifully with the red and purple of blueberries and raspberries. For taste, there is nothing better, and their sweetness and flavour are perfectly balanced by the tart freshness of the berries.

Peel the mango with a sharp knife and slice the flesh into long lengths along the seed. Then, simply scatter over the raspberries and blueberries and gently mix together. Simple!

Where to buy?

  • Mango: Kesar from India is the most reliable variety – buy by the box from Asian groceries and Morrisons; occasionally in Waitrose as single fruit;
  • Raspberries: Driscoll Maravilla from Portugal are a good variety, but all raspberries will compliment the sweetness of the mango – all stores;
  • Blueberries: Try Kirra, Mayra and Stella Blue from Morocco, although most varieties will be fine – all stores.


  • Kesar: make sure the fruit is firm and smooth with a dull yellow skin. The skin may become mottled. Avoid fruit that are obviously soft, but there should be a slight ‘give’ to indicate ripeness. A box will last for several days at room temperature (best not to refrigerate) – don’t worry about minor wrinkling of the skin;
  • Raspberries: Avoid punnets with collapsed berries or evidence of juice (keep refrigerated);
  • Blueberries: Look for good sized berries, though really large berries may become soft. Avoid signs of wrinkling, collapsing, mould in buttons and green tinge to berries (keep refrigerated).

When to buy?

  • Mango: Indian mangoes are on sale now and over the next 2-3 weeks, before being replaced by mangoes from Pakistan (which are just as good)
  • Raspberries: available all summer
  • Blueberries: available all summer







24th May, 2017


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