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In stores, there are some lovely sweet, crisp new season grapes from Mexico, Egypt and Morocco such as Flame Seedless and Early Sweet. However, with the exception of Brazilian Vitoria (in M&S, Morrisons and Waitrose), there has been a lack of black varieties with real flavour. Change is upon us, as varieties such as Sable are now coming back!

Sable, one of the best known flavoursome varieties, has been spotted from Egypt and USA recently (in Sainsbury’s and perhaps other stores), and it’s fascinating to compare fruit the two sources. The variety originates in California, so growers have good experience of growing it, and produce fruit with a delicious depth of flavour.

In Egypt, it is a newly-grown variety and we are seeing the first significant examples to be sold in UK. On a tiny sample of one punnet (rather unfair), the fruit has good texture and sweetness, but lacked the special flavour that we have come to expect. However, we can undoubtedly look forward to plenty of delicious Sable from Egypt, but it may take some time for the growers to develop the consistency that the variety needs.

3rd July, 2017


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