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Mangoes – Two Choices in Summer

A Choice of Two Mangoes All the year round, supermarkets sell a similar type of mango that is sweet, plump, reliable and well-priced. The main varieties are Kent and Keitt, often referred to as ‘Florida varieties’ due to their origin. They are now grown in large volumes in Central and South America, the Caribbean and […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 20

Week 20, 2016 THIS WEEK – More New Than Old: It’s late May and the tipping point between seasons has finally swung behind the new and freshly harvested fruit.  Spanish melons, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, cherries and apricots; and home-grown blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are all becoming abundant in the stores. In addition, delicious Indian mangoes, […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 18

Week 18, 2016 THIS WEEK: The pace of change in new season fruit picks up in May, most notably with mangoes, top fruit and stone fruit. It’s an exciting time for mango-lovers with the Indian and West African seasons in full swing, as well as varieties from Thailand, Brazil and the Caribbean. For flavour, head […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 16

Week 16, 2016 THIS WEEK: Satsumas from South Africa or Argentina are now pretty much in all stores; the late season Powell Navel is making an appearance as other Navels diminish, alongside widespread sales of Valencia oranges; Brazilian Gala apples, usually quite flavoursome, have popped up in Morrisons; but best of all, the Indian mango […]

Fruit News This Week – Wk 15

Week 15, 2016 THIS WEEK: There is still no widespread sale of new season Satsumas, but they can’t be far away! The new Forelle pear season is underway though, and will appear in more stores over the next week or so. Strawberries are plentiful, including those home-grown, and there are some lovely blueberries on sale […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 13

Week 13, 2016 THIS WEEK: More new fruit has arrived this week to signal the continued seasonal change. Most notable is the increasing choice of English strawberry varieties and the start of European blackberries. There is also an interesting black seedless grape from India, Flame and Sable grapes from Chile, and South African Gala apples. […]