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Tasty Fruit for May Bank Holiday

Week 17-18, April/May 2017 With the imminence of May Bank Holiday in UK, it’s easy to forget that this is Labour Day around the world. When you enjoy some of the delicious fruit recommended this week, it’s also easy to forget that every single piece has been plucked from its mother plant by labourers around […]

Fruit Salad Today: American Beauty

The taste of the Americas: Soft, sweet and succulent Honeydew melon from Honduras (bought in Sainsbury’s); mild and flavoursome Florida Pink grapefruit, peeled segments for extra luxury (var. Rio Red)(bought in Morrisons); bananas from Ecuador; late Red Heart plum from Chile. It’s a lovely combination of tasty fruit that represent the tail-end of the winter […]

Tasty Fruit For Easter Weekend

Good Friday is not Good Beer Day or Good Fruit Day, it’s Good Friday and should be treated with respect. Easter Sunday, though, is another matter: a day of celebration throughout the Christian world, and a fitting day for all of us to serve-up the best tasting fruit that you can find! FOR MY EASTER […]

School Holiday Fruit This Easter

The Easter school holidays, with the hope of beautiful Spring weather, are upon us, so it is worth considering the options for delicious fruit to keep children from the sweetie jar. Seasonally, it is not the easiest time as much is coming to an end, and the new seasons starting tend to offer early season […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 14-15 (April)

Easter holidays, beautiful Spring weather, the most important Christian celebration, thoughts of chocolate eggs, thoughts of Syria and Sweden: as always, the world is full of contradiction. The only course of action is to believe in the innate goodness that is our essence, and enjoy good fruit as an embodiment of that essential spirit in […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 12-13

Week 12-13, March 2017 Fabulous oranges and mandarins, Mediterranean blueberries and strawberries, new season pears, and the first signs of change in choice of mangoes are all highlights at the end of March. As always, flavour can be found with the Good Fruit Guide! FOR MY FRUITBOWL, I WOULD BUY: Blueberries: Kirra and Mayra from […]

Gala Performance

The first apples from the new southern hemisphere season are appearing in shops. Royal Gala is always the earliest to arrive, so, with shelves still full of British, French, German and Italian Gala from the harvest last August, is there a difference? Argentinian organic Royal Gala in Sainsbury’s was the first that I’ve seen on […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 10

Week 10, March 2017 Spring is a time of blossom, and blossoming forth. This is perhaps the single most important event affecting the fruit we eat over the summer, particularly as it happens while the weather can still be inclement. A poor or uneven blossom, or bad weather soon after, can have a major impact […]

Plumbing The Depths

I would blame nobody for being confused by plums on sale at the moment. There are more than 10 different varieties on sale, mostly from South Africa, at prices that vary from 70p to £3.49 a pack. In terms of season, we are probably past the height of the offer from South Africa, but there […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 09

10-A-Day, now there is a challenge, even in my household! To make it easier, why not just follow the Good Fruit Guide and eat fruit with fabulous taste? FOR MY FRUITBOWL, I WOULD BUY: • Grapes: Sable, Muscat Beauty and Cotton Candy from South Africa and Chile; • Mandarins: Nadorcott, Tangold or Orri from Spain, […]