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Fruit News This Week – wk 04

These lovely crisp, cold winter days can be more ‘hot soups and mugs of cocoa’ than fresh fruit, but then a good crisp apple or pear, or a satisfyingly sweet orange would not go amiss, nor a nutritious banana on-the-hoof. And, once cosily tucked away at home, there are some deliciously flavoursome exotic delights to […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 50 – Christmas Fruit

Christmas Fruit – Week 50, December 2016 The choice of  fruit for the Christmas table is becoming clear as shops sell the latest seasonal offerings from around the world. There are some wonderful options, both for the painfully stretched budget or to spoil yourself a little. Why not try something a bit different? FOR MY […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 48

Week 48, December 2016 What is it about Christmas? Wednesday, the last day of November, mid-morning and not one parking space in Waitrose: chaos at the tills, and no better elsewhere. Everyone will be back nearer the time for their Christmas fruit & veg! In the meantime, my attention turns to apples: there is something […]

Braeburn: the greatest apple variety?

I remember when Braeburn was first becoming established from New Zealand, when it was regarded as an almost perfect apple. It was firm, crunchy and sweet, with a great acid balance and a lovely flavour.   Then it spread around the apple-producing world without much control; the uniformity of quality was lost and several variants […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 46

Week 46, November 2016 Asda aisles: ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ blaring out and it only just feels like winter has started! Well, one thing is for sure, the Christmas mandarins have started from Spain: Clemenules are in all stores, deliciously sweet and the archetypal Clementine, which will take us through to January. More fruit news for […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 44

FRUIT NEWS THIS WEEK: Week 44, November 2016 Seasons continue to change and I had a reminder of how the fruit trade sometimes gets it wrong: being too hasty to get to market. It’s a lesson that the very first fruit may not always be quite ready: a bit acidic, a bit starchy, a bit […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 42

Week 42, October 2016 THIS WEEK: A huge choice of new season apples and pears; mangoes, persimmons and cherimoya from Spain, the new Mediterranean citrus season starting, and interesting melons from Brazil: what more could you want? FOR MY FRUITBOWL, I WOULD BUY: Apples: Rubens, Zari and Egremont Russet from UK; Pears: Abaté Fétèl from […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 40

Week 40, October 2016 THIS WEEK: It never ceases to amaze me that, whatever the time of year, there is always something exciting happening in the fruit world! Right now, it is the start of the Spanish mango, persimmon, satsuma and clementine, and Israeli grapefruit seasons, but also the consolidation of fresh British apples and […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 38

Week 38, September 2016 THIS WEEK: The fruits of the harvest are upon us! New apples, new pears, new mangoes, new persimmons and new Satsumas are all arriving on store shelves to add to such late summer delights as Bursa figs, Mediterranean grapes and the last greengages and Charantais melons: a fruit choice for everyone. […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 36

Week 36, September 2016 THIS WEEK: An Indian summer beckons, but autumn is in the air with the first signs of turning leaves. Autumnal signs in the fruit world are all about as well, with apple and pear harvest in full flow, wild raspberries in abundance, and local plum harvests drawing to a close. It’s […]