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Flavoursome Fruit This Week – wk 44-45

A settled period of fruit supply beckons, as settled as any time of the year, though there is always some change afoot, something to anticipate! In the next 2 to 3 weeks, look forward to new Mediterranean oranges, more Brazilian grapes, southern hemisphere plums and European Pink Lady apples. However, it is the here and […]

New Cultivars on the Block

September and October are, perhaps, the best months of the year for apples. Not only are they mostly freshly harvested from British and European orchards, but there is a huge choice of varieties available before we settle into the retailers’ standard winter ranges. There are the early varieties such as Discovery, which don’t store well, […]

Flavoursome Fruit This Week – wk 42-43

After the strange warmth and luminous light brought by Ophelia, a real misty autumnal ambience has descended on the country. Appropriately, the choice of fruit is in sympathy with the mood: the comforting flavours and sweetness of newly picked apples and pears, clementines and satsumas, persimmons and custard apples. FOR OUR FRUITBOWL, WE WOULD BUY: […]

Flavoursome Fruit This Week – wk 41

Depth of flavour abounds if you know which fruit to buy: the Autumn harvest! Lovely apples and pears from British orchards; exotic mangoes, cherimoya and persimmon from Spain; sweet sticky Turkish figs and tangy, fresh Mediterranean satsumas and clementines. Fill your fruit bowl! FOR OUR FRUITBOWL, WE WOULD BUY: Figs: Delicious Black Bursa from Turkey; […]

Flavoursome Fruit This Week – Wk 39

Autumn Attractions: Dominating the taste buds this week are the autumnal fruits of the long summer growing season. It’s a very European scene with Spanish grapes, stone fruit, satsumas and persimmons; Israeli mangoes; Turkish figs and central European blueberries, but the new British apple and pear season demands attention, as do the rather unusual local […]

Beautiful Bursa Figs – How to Buy Them

While figs are available most of the year from around the world, they tend to be a rather expensive delicacy. However, September is the time to take advantage of the huge supply of Black Bursa figs from Turkey. Bursa figs are wonderful fruit, especially when they are perfectly mature: plump, soft, sweet and full of […]

Flavoursome Fruit This Week – August, wk 34-36

Scrumptious Discovery: There is a distinct mellowing in the air as we enter late summer, with nothing more evocative of the season than the first English apples in the shops. The soft, perfumed Discovery are all but past, but other early varieties such as Delbard Estivale and Scrumptious are here to tempt us with fragrant […]

Flavoursome Fruit This Week – August, wk32-33

The first new season apples and pears, greengages, English plums, and wild blackberries starting in the hedgerows are all signs of late summer, and all signs of changes to great flavour in fruit, if you know where to look! FOR OUR FRUITBOWL, WE WOULD BUY: Plums & Greengages: English plums; French and Spanish gages Melons: […]