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Peach Promise

It will be 40oC in Badajoz next week, just right to give a wonderful boost of sunshine to peaches and nectarines in the area. In UK, we never quite get the same intoxicating Mediterranean mix of heat, sunshine and beautifully aromatic stone fruit, but the next best thing is imminent. Summer peaches and nectarines come […]

Exotic UK

If you visit SE Asia in June, you cannot help but notice the fruit markets groaning with a huge and delightful exotic choice. It’s one of the intoxicating pleasures of travelling in the region, but is it possible to experience such intoxication at home? The answer is ‘with some difficulty’. However, with some careful searching, […]

Berries in June

We are not far from the peak UK season for berries and are already at the point where practically all strawberries in stores are from domestic growers. So, with the myriad of varieties on offer, it is worth considering the differences and at least being aware of the choices available: Strawberries: All strawberries are now […]

Fruit News This Week – wk 23-24, June

New seasons of every fruit type are now underway, the last being that of Spanish plums which takeover from tired Angelino and Flavorfall from South Africa and Chile. So, new order follows old with the relentless march of time, which is more than can be said for our politicians who seem to have no order […]

Mango Update – June

For the last month, the tastiest mangoes available have been from India, particularly Alphonse and Kesar, though not forgetting the sublime Nam Dok Mae from Thailand. These are still available from Asian groceries and occasional supermarkets (M&S, Morrisons, Tesco). Now, however, choice is increased with the excellent and delicious Sindhri mango from Pakistan which has […]

Fruit Salad Today: Beautiful Berries

A lovely, tangy start to the day: English Triumph strawberries and Berryworld Pearl raspberries; and Spanish Rocio blueberries and Ark45 blackberries – wonderful with Greek yoghurt and a twizzle of honey. 2nd June 2017   ©Good Fruit Guide 2017. Recommendations on fruit varieties and types with the very best taste are personal to the editor […]

Fruit Salad Today: Malling Strawberry

A tangy mix of berries with some exotic sweetness: a newish variety of strawberry bred in East Malling, Kent, called Malling Centenary, with beautiful aroma; sweet Rocio blueberries from Spain, and traditional sharp and tangy blackberry, Lochness, from UK. The sweetness is from Ecuadorian bananas and new season Hayward kiwi from Chile, and a dollop […]

Tasty Fruit for Spring Bank Holiday

Scorching hot weather ushers in real summer! It’ll get cooler and there will be thunderstorms, but it gets us in the mood, despite all the troubles afflicting the country, for being out and about and at one with nature and nature’s produce. New seasons of all fruit are underway, so what better than to sample […]

FRUIT for ENTERTAINING – Indian Mango with berries

When looking for fruit for entertaining, the very best taste at the moment can be found in Indian mangoes such as Kesar and Alphonse. As a soothing, sweet dessert after a sumptuous main course, they will not fail to impress your guests with their wonderful flavour. Indian Mango with berries: The deep orange-yellow flesh of […]

FRUIT for ENTERTAINING: Grapes with the Cheese Board

This is not the best time for grapes. Most supplies are from the tail-end of the southern hemisphere season and many berries, while still having reasonable sweetness and texture, are clinging to dry-looking stems and will not look the part on a respectable cheese platter. However, several premium varieties are still available from Chile and […]