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Fruit News This Week – Wk 34

Week 34, 2015 20th August Fruit News This Week Blueberries: Blueberries are more abundant now than at any time of the year. Bluecrop from Poland is the main variety at very good values. Greengages: Probably the sweetest stone fruit at the moment are greengages from Portugal, France and England: catch them while they last! Wild […]

Pears in August

Pears in August It may not be obvious, but early to mid-summer is a great time for pears. The shops are full of a delicious array of varieties from the southern hemisphere, many of which we do not see in the European season. Did you try Forelle from South Africa, or Taylors Gold from New […]

What are Clementines, Mandarins, Satsumas and Tangerines?

What are Clementines, Mandarins, Satsumas and Tangerines? It is confusing to browse the citrus aisle in a retail store for easy-peelers because of the plethora of names and descriptions used: Satsumas, Clementines, Tangerines, Mandarins, etc. There is quite a list, which has largely developed to help retailers differentiate a complex group of similar fruit for […]

Fruit Highlights in Retailers

This week, the stand-out fruit in most stores are blood oranges and Navel oranges; Nadorcott mandarins; Sable black grapes; and FlavorKing plums. On browsing various individual retailers, most have additional tasty options which are highlighted below and well worth trying if you see them:

Fruit of the Week in Retailers

This week, the stand-out fruit in most stores are blood oranges and Navels; Nadorcott mandarins; Sable black grapes; lychee and various South African plums. Otherwise, on browsing the retail shelves I would highlight the following as being interesting in the flavour stakes: ALDI: Oranges: Tarocco blood oranges at Aldi prices!

Easy-Peeler Citrus

Further thoughts on Easy-peelers available now: we were surprised to see Clementine variety Clemenule (from Spain) still on sale in Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s as they are normally finished by this time of year. On eating, they show the classic signs of late season:


The best time of year for figs is September when we get mountains of delicious fresh Turkish figs in our stores. However, the opposite season from the southern hemisphere is not without its high-points.

Clementines, Mandarins, Tangerines and Satsumas

This time of year is great for tasty mandarins, the collective name for easy-peeler citrus fruit. We are entering the late season from the Mediterranean producing countries of Spain, Morocco and Italy, the early to mid-season varieties are all but finished, and the long-hanging, late varieties are being harvested.